With over twelve years of experience, We have been able to break-down the elements for consistently delivering Value Engineering.
Our foundations are set with a consulting experience of more than 250 million sq.ft. and a long standing joint venture (since inception) with Clancy Consulting, UK.
We are looking forward to a robust and progressive expansion.

With our eyes set on mix-use and mid-size development in the near future, the expertise required becomes more complex. Mid-sized, mixed-use developments have to go beyond standard multiple resi units or large office spaces or malss or hotels. We have development an infrastructure, to build a world of new possibilities in real estate. Ganatra Builders has evolved into a conglomerate of multiple, Strategic Business Units (SBU's).

We are an (E)ngineering, (P)rocurement & (C)onstruction company setup to influence the delivery, of small to medium scale projects. We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for all the services under our scope. With our experience we are able to offer in-house knowledge, strong partnerships and well-proven methodologies to deliver projects at high- quality & optimised cost, especially with local manpower.

R. J. Ganatra Maternity & Nursing Hospital was stared in 1950 by Dr. R. J. Ganatra at a very convinient location near Mulund station on Central Railway. It is now a 20 beded hospital with all the latest equipments, experienced doctors, surgeons and attentive and caring staff.
The Ganatra Maternity & Nursing Hospital is one of the oldest and most respected nursing homes in the city of Mumbai with over 55,000 successful deliveries and 8,000 vaginal hysterectonomies till date.
Currently Dr. Atul and Dr. Madhavi Ganatra and Dr. Kamal Ganatra run the operations of the Hospital.