Since 1939
“After 78 years, three stores & five generations, we still stand together as a family. OM is more than jewellery… it embodies family values, based on trust & understanding. Our lineage is committed to learning and progressing. We thank our customers, fellow jewellers and hope to grow, while staying true to our roots."
Jewels & Family Bonds… Live Forever… We are Your Family Jeweller

The ‘joy’ of design drove Fenny into studying & professionally pursuing product design.
Fenny travelled the globe with her debut product Bounce, forming the studio’s international network with exhibitions in 12 countries, resellers in 20 countries, press features in 30 countries and a Red Dot Award.

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“As a brand curator, I would like to facilitate the availability of designer products in day-to-day life of people in India" by Collage has over 4 years of experience of exclusively distributing designer brands in India. Our portfolio of products include furniture, wall clock, lighting, tableware, stationary, wallets etc.